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The key idea of JoinerCAD

Our 20 years of CAD/CAM experience has taught us to use inexpensive, easy-to-manage, easy-to-use and easy-to-learn design systems for designing simple things. This is especially true for small furniture makers – usually family-based businesses and those who work on their own. Fusion 360 design system is almost perfect for such users, but it lacks some specific and very unique functionalities which are necessary for furniture makers/designers. We believe that our extension is a good tool in order to meet these woodworking requirements and will be used in your daily life.

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JoinerCAD gradually dispels all doubt about the suitability of Fusion 360 software for furniture makers/designers.

Video guide for beginners


Hardware creation andadaptation for JoinerCAD BOM

Creation of own BOM templatein JoinerCAD

This introduction will help to experience JoinerCAD capabilities and form common understandingfor any level Fusion 360 user.

Slide What JoinerCAD does?

Slide joinercad Woodworking materials assignment JoinerCAD adds an extra feature to the Fusion 360 software which allows the user to easily and visually assign furniture Fill and Cover materials groups (Solid wood, Board... Read More joinercad close more

Slide joinercad SIZE CALCULATION OF PARTS AND BLANK Depending on the design situation, in some cases, the designer finds it is more convenient to model a part and in other cases a blank. Using JoinerCAD it is simple to specify whether the oversize… Read More joinercad close more

Slide joinercad Bill of Materials (BOM) generation Specification or BOM (Bill of Materials) generation is one of the most tiring, but inseparable parts of the furniture design process. Also, this is where human factor mistakes have... Read More joinercad close more

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for Autodesk Fusion 360


1. JoinerCAD available for MAC.

2. JoinerCAD paid version: Material editor, Joints, Sculpt, Notes.


Version 1.3.1 (2020-12-23)

Fixed. Other small bugs fixed.