The key idea of JoinerCAD

Our 20 years of CAD/CAM experience has taught us to use inexpensive, easy-to-manage, easy-to-use and easy-to-learn design systems for designing simple things. This is especially true for small furniture makers – usually family-based businesses and those who work on their own. Fusion 360 design system is almost perfect for such users, but it lacks some specific and very unique functionalities which are necessary for furniture makers/designers. We believe that our extension is a good tool in order to meet these woodworking requirements and will be used in your daily life.

joinercad team

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JoinerCAD gradually dispels all doubt about the suitability of Fusion 360 software for furniture makers/designers.


1. List of material used

In the environment of this command, JoinerCAD user can quickly and conveniently make selections of material groups assigned to the model, pick and mark the parts that have a specific JoinerCAD group of materials assigned and easily change it for another group.

2. Woodworking materials DB manager

Current JoinerCAD DB of woodworking material groups is static and cannot be modified. Our team is now working on making this DB flexible. It means that in the future, the users will be able to create their own woodworking material groups.


Version 1.0.2 (2019-08-30)

Adjusted. JoinerCAD adopted to the Fusion 360 new UI (User interface).

Adjusted. New upload mechanism of Samples and Hardware created and placed into Setting dialog window.

Adjusted. The software update mechanism redeveloped.

Fixed. Edge band selection fixed.

Fixed. Other small bugs fixed.