Generating a BOM is one of the most tiring, but an inseparable part of the furniture design process. This is where human factor errors are likely to occur and cause costly mistakes.

In order to resolve this, JoinerCAD uses its own BOM generator. How is it special? JoinerCAD BOM generator allows generating BOMs automatically according to the designed 3D model.  The generated BOM includes all information needed for production: product structure, a summary of materials and purchased components, a cutting list, general list of parts, etc.

All information is provided in tables of a MS Excel file. MS Excel file can be easily used in various production and business chains. For example, it can be used for data transfer to the part cutting optimization program or submitted when ordering materials.

Moreover, the generated BOM is not invariable. It can be easily changed and adapted to the user’s needs. All that the user needs to do is make changes in the content of BOM template which is saved as MS Excel file.

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